A revolutionary new concept of  footwear avoids the injuries in the ankle region in all contact sports

Panthera brand launches the APS21, "The Ankle Protection Shoe of the 21th century". The APS21 is the first sports footwear aimed to solve a serious global problem that affects all players throughout history, both professionals and amateurs, the so-recurring ankle injuries.


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The APS21 is designed with an unique system to absorb impacts and protect the ankle from micro-fractures, cuts, lacerations, abrasions, bruises, sprains and general trauma in contact sports such as football, baseball, hockey, rugby, skateboarding and high speed rollerblading. This revolutionary method has been developed and patented by the industrial designer Adrian Schafer Mathison, under his brand Panthera, under the seal of Mattson Sports.

What exactly is the APS21?

The protection system is a form of ankles specific integrated construction which divides the shoe in two basic segments to provide greater flexibility and protection to the ankle region against impacts and friction on both sides of the foot. The system prevents all types of injuries in the ankle area.

The flexible membrane situated in the Achilles area of this footwear system allows full movement of the foot, bringing higher performance results in sprint speed for players, which is crucial in the team's success. The bones and tissues of the ankle are protected by a series of housings hard plastic padding provides cover and a sliding surface to incoming forces that can strike directly ankle tissues and cause injury.




Adrian Schafer degree in Industrial Design at the University of Coventry, UK, has spent most of his career in Germany, as a designer in high end automotive companies as BMW, Jaguar, Hyundai, Ford, Opel, Land Rover, MINI, MAN, AvtoVAZ (Russia) and Bugatti. Deserves an special menction that he held the exclusive design of a grill Titanium with the initials (RL) for the personal vehicle of Ralph Laurent.

Concurrently, the great passion of Adrian Schafer since his childhood was the football. His passion was cut short, after suffering several injuries on the ankle. That's when he knew that it was a problem to solve and he wanted to be part of that solution. That was how he started the APS21 project.

The first units of Panthera APS21 are already on sale: https://goo.gl/821iu0


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