"Slow down oxidation caused by stress, reduce wear on the physiology and cellular aging".

Breathing is an active process from life to death. Without oxygen we would not live more than 15 minutes. Our brain cells will resist just 3 minutes, and then will die.

The effect of oxygenation is sedative, it slows the breathing rate and generally promotes recovery. When our breathing is relaxed, inspiration and expiration are approximately the same length.During exercise, but also when we experience strong feelings or emotions, breathing rate and rhythm changes. And if the emotions can alter our breathing, we can, with breathing, change our emotions.

Breathing integrates the mind and the body. In Yoga, and Ayurveda, these breathing techniques are called Pranayama, it means "Expansion of Prana" or "expansion of the life force."

There are two respiratory phases: inhalation, to be lived as a moment of attention to present to counteract the tendency of the mind to transport us to the past or the future; and expiration, to be lived as a way to expel toxins and bodily and mental tensions. The breath, is a natural tool to exchange with life. When we inspire , we borrow what it surrounds us, and when we exhale, we return what what's inside of us.

Breathing therefore establishes the connection between us and our environment.Breathing is give and take; it is an exchange between the inside and the outside, which is essential for life.


This technique is called “Uyajiy” and it serves to calm the mind and body when we are frustrated or irritated.

If we do it properly, the cardiorespiratory system it stabilizes.

- Sit comfortably, cross-legged, back straight, relax your shoulders and seeks with balance in your stance.

- Now, try to concentrate on the present moment, here and now.

- Set aside any thought that comes to your mind, and focus on your breathing.

- Inhale thoroughly until you feel that do not fit more air into your lungs.

- On the exhale, tighten slightly the muscles of the throat to emit a sound like a soft hum. Like if you want to tarnish a crystal with your breath slowly. Another way to learn is to exhale saying "jaaa" with his mouth open. When you recognize and feel, practice the same movement with your mouth closed.

The desired result will sound hoarse. Once you master the exhalation, practice the same movement to inspire. You can repeat it for 15 minutes by focusing on you, on your breathing, and the gentle massage that causes the air to pass through your throat and the nice heat that it generates in you.

You will feel a conscious state of relaxation that will fill every corner of your body, peace and welfare.

This practice is perfect for calm and to help to slow the oxidation caused by stress, reducing wear on the physiology and slowing cellular aging.

Written by Elisabeth Berral